While many applaud our professional design and print quality, we’re much more than a pretty face!  What separates us from the competition is that we have access to exclusive, behind-the-scenes events each month to a variety of international events — and what’s best is that everyone leaves with a copy of International Focus Magazine in their hands.  From cultural events to business functions, we reach them all!

To see exclusive photos taken by our photographers of these events and from our very own networking mixers, check out our Seen-On-The-Scene pages within each issue of International Focus Magazine.

Executive Summary

​International Focus (iF) Magazine successfully fills the space for new ideas and new perspectives in Houston’s international business, ​culture and lifestyle of its ever growing diverse communities which make our city and region unique.  iF is also a key global platform for some of today’s rising stars in international affairs, analysis and commentary.

iF regularly publishes top articles from the diplomatic, organizational and business leaders who have knowledge and understanding of the international communities they serve.

iF evokes possibility, imagination and passion which flow with ease of understanding through the positive writings of its contributing writers and journalists.

iF’s website and online version build on the content of the physical magazine. Distribution is geared towards a targeted readership.

What Makes Us Different